STEMA Kids Module 1: 30 Fun Missions! (PC App Included)

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Welcome to the World of STEMA! Brainstorm, Build and Beat the missions using blocks, gears and bands! Dozens of fun characters keep kids entertained for hours and hours. Get their eyes off the screens and bring fun while learning into their lives! Using Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Art, kids will have so much fun while getting a great education at the same time!

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Meet the gang at STEMAverse and work with them to accomplish missions while having loads of FUN! From animals to monster to dinosaurs, kids will be smiling from ear to ear while learning.

Module 1 includes 30 missions. What’s inside:
* 1 Story Book
* 105 Building Blocks
* 5 Rubber Bands
* 1 String
* 1 Removal Tool

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Dimensions 9.75 × 7.75 × 2 in


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